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Lifetime Opportunity

Are you searching for a way to create financial resources with algae?  With New brandedimagery smallerEarth, you may have found what you are looking for.  We are the original company selling the only wild-harvested Bluegreen microalgae in the world.  We have the best harvesting techniques; the best handling processes; and we are the only company selling wild bluegreen algae that is GMP registered by the NSF.  We have multiple third party validations testifying to our product quality and nutrient integrity.

Why You?

You found this site because you are interested in algae–in the potential it has to help create a future that will be cleaner, healthier and safer for us all.

I am looking for only a select few key partners who have the following attributes:

The ability to connect with othersThis is, in essence, your only job–be able to connect to others who may want the benefits you can offer.

The desire to create a significant income through sharing the benefits of ancient foods and/or this business model.  By “significant”, I mean Significant to youNew Earth’s pay plan allows brand new people to build significant, immediate cash flow, and also allows for lifelong residual income.   We reward people equally at all levels of the business. Our goal is to pay you not only this month and next, but for a lifetime.

The ability to be self-directed I am not a boss and I don’t want to be.  I will help train you in successful actions; guide your steps; and be your mentor.

Passion and Dreams.  I am drawn to those who believe there are not limits to what we can create, if only we are unafraid to act upon our dreams.

If you are interested in why working with New Earth may be the opportunity you seek, check out the powerful information in this video.

The American Dream

Why New Earth?

New Earth provides you with duplicable sales and business tools at low or no cost.

New Earth provides the manufacturing and shipping center.

With New Earth, you can create product sales without a store front or personal inventory.

New Earth offers you the ability to start a business with a minimal financial investment.

Read more about the New Earth Story.


New Earth is a Direct Sales company.  This allows you to market in the ways you are best at; to the people you want to work with; and using your talents.

The Direct Sales industry is strong and growing, world-wide.  The biggest issue in being successful with a direct sales business lies in finding the following:

  • A product that is truly unique

New Earth wild Bluegreen microalgae products are exactly this.

  • A compensation system that adequately rewards product sales as well as team building bonuses

New Earth has a fully integrated pay plan that rewards every right action you do as you grow your organization.

  • A company that has proven longevity, product relevance and stability

New Earth’s parent company led the curve on algae over 30 years ago…and will be around at least 30 more.

New Earth is one of only a handful of companies, world-wide, that can deliver on these three needs.

With New Earth, you will be eating and promoting the most effective ancient foods on Earth: Wild Bluegreen freshwater microalgae.

Why This Team?

BIO IMAGEI have been eating and selling wild-harvested, organic algae for over 20 years.  This business is my sole income.   I have experienced the physical and emotional benefits of eating wild microalgae.  I have lived over twenty years enjoying the incredible time freedom and financial benefits of this business…and I am ready to expand my business network.

By joining my team, you are guaranteed the following:

  • A team who knows how to create truly “lifetime” income–because we have been doing exactly that, for well over 2 decades
  • A mentor who has created powerful, proprietary marketing templates and tools at no cost to her team
  • A complete business system already in place
  • A team whose sole aim is facilitating your success

I am in the position where I create more income only with the success of others.  I am actively sponsoring new people in only one team.  When you join my organization, you are assured that I will focus on you as an integral part of this team!

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